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We connect you with the world

EPIC is our international immersions arm curated by global leaders for global leaders

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Immersions for those who think BIG©

7 years connecting and creating global leaders

The Boston Innovation Gateway (BIG) emerged from the most creative square meter in the world: Boston and was founded by leaders from Harvard, Hult Internationaland MIT.

More than 10 years agowe decided to share Boston's global mentality with the rest of the world and to do so, we reinvented the concept of missions and business immersions.

Today we are present on every continent on the planet, in more than 20 countriesand we are proud to say that we have the most select and innovative brand on the planet in international immersions.

Our biggest differentiator? We work with global leaders for global leaders.

Immersions that generate results


$2 bi



We have already carried out more than 60 international missions and immersions, with participants from different countries

More than two billion dollars generated from business connections generated in EPICs

More than two thousand global leaders have already participated in our immersions, in the private and public sectors

Our networking is unparalleled and has global partners such as the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), IXL Center and more

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Epic Clients in different areas

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From startups to large conglomerates, in results-focused immersions

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Business, industrial, production and commercial companies from different sectors



Connecting major global universities to the most innovative hubs on the planet

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We are a reference in connection immersions between global governments

2024 EPIC© Calendar

We have bases and operations in more than 20 countries, which guarantees us an unparalleled and uncompetitive support infrastructure

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Discover our GLOCAL INSIGHT magazines

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Celebrating our successful partnership with Brazil, we launched our magazines Glocal Insights and Global Insights Personalité dedicated to sharing findings, opinions and strategies from great Brazilian leaders who are going global with us.

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Be part of a Powerful Alumn Network !

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More than two thousand global leaders have already participated in our immersions. Thanks to the extended Boston Innovation Gateway network, our privileged access to government, business and investment is lovingly cultivated in our BIG Alumni Network .

In our network, you will continue to cultivate connections and explore opportunities far beyond immersions. You will be able to participate as a guest in other missions, have exclusive access to our and partner events, curated deals in more than 60 countries and fraternal support from colleagues who also think big.

Connect to a diverse network of Institutions 


A small sample of the more than one hundred universities we partner with around the world


From Fortune 500 to startups and SMEs, we have already left our mark on more than 2,000 companies around the world

Governments, NGOs and Entities

We assist governments, government agencies and NGOs on four continents

Selected testimonials (Brazil)

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Salmito Filho

Ricardo Cavalcane

Secretary of Development of the state of Ceará

vice president of CNI

Yuri Ramos

MIT ILP Executive

Mario Aguiar

President of FIESC

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