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From startups to large conglomerates, in results-focused immersions

We are partners with associations, federations and confederations throughout Brazil, such as the National Confederation of Industries (CNI) , Federation of Industries of the states of São Paulo (FIESP) , Santa Catarina (FIESC) , Ceará (FIEC) , Rio Grande do Sul (FIERG) and Paraná (FIEP) , as well as associations such as the Santa Catarina Technology Association (Acate) and many others.

Case study

Connecting FIEC to MIT

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The Immersion

In partnership with the MIT Industry Liaison program, we carried out an exclusive immersion with more than 40 state authorities, through FIEC, with exclusive classes from professors from MIT and Harvard, as well as networking rounds with companies such as IBM, Enel, Amazon and others.

The challenge

Ceará is on track to become the largest green hydrogen hub in Latin America. Seeking to understand and better understand this scenario, state leaders, through the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará, hired BIG to create a customized immersion in the mecca of global knowledge: MIT, Harvard and the Boston ecosystem.

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The legacy

BIG and its partner IXL are today tasked with creating the entire strategic plan for the state's Green Hydrogen innovation chain, which estimates investment values of up to US$50 billion in the coming years.

Immersions that generate results



US$50 billion

Authorities involved in the immersion, from different sectors of government, business and associations

This was the consolidated NPS score for immersion, well above the market benchmark

Of potential investment facilitated by the innovation strategy being co-built in partnership with us

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Associations that are with us

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